Along Sans Font Family V3

Font Family

Along Sans Geometric Font Family V3

Along Sans font family has been updated to include 34 Ligatures with the revision of some Glyphs. We tried to reflect the modern design and keep the consistency of Glyphs.
You will be able to complete cute and elegant typography for logos, titles, and editorial designs.

The 34 Modern Ligatures are:

Ca, Co, Ga, Go, La, Lo, Oa, Oo, Pa, Po, ba, bo, ca, co, da, de, do, ea, fa, fo, gg, go, la, ll, lo, ly, mu, nu, oo, pa, po, rr, um, un.


To access these Ligatures, either open the Glyphs window or turn on Ligatures ( Adobe apps ). Please, Check the features of the app you are using to see how to turn on Ligatures.

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