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Gernsheim Modern Sans Font Family.

Gernsheim is a semi condensed display sans serif font family. This font family has been created for use in headlines and logo display fitted on showcase screen.
9 weights and 18 font styles make up the initial release. To increase the adoption of a wide range of display fonts, the individual glyphs' handle fluctuations were subtly applied. The compromise of disproportion between straight lines and curves improves glyphs autonomy and relieves tension. And by applying rounded corner effects to each style, it presents the reader with softness and comfort.
It is designed so that the rebellious disproportion created by heavy styles transition to flat and classy tenderness as the thin style approaches.
Try the uniqueness and excitement of individual styles for yourself.

You will get

9 Weights 18 Styles (18 OTF)
Webfonts ( EOT, Woff, Woff2)

    Supported Languages

    • Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian
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